Booking A Bed and Breakfast

Booking a bed and breakfast is easy but what is the best way to book your next trip? The best way, to book a Bed and Breakfast, is the way you feel most comfortable. In most cases you get the same rate if you book your bed and breakfast using an online travel agent (OTA), Expedia is an OTA, or if you call and book directly with the innkeeper of the bed and breakfast. Most OTA’s have restrictions, such as you must pay in advance and there can also be a fee for using them.  Do your home work and don’t over pay. AirBnB is a popular way to book a B and B but this site takes time. If safety is a concern, AirBnB does a background check on each host before it will allow them to sell a room or rent a home or sofa. AirBnB takes time to use but it’s a great tool. Check out  for more information on how to book like a pro and safety and security tips.

When you book your next stay it is always a good idea to call ahead and speak to the innkeeper. Share information with them like:

*The time you will be arriving.

*If you have a pet.

*If you’re an early riser and like your coffee first thing.

Ask questions and learn about the area and get to know the family or person who is hosting you. Booking a bed and breakfast is easy but do your homework to get the best deal.





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